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Mike Miller: Vocals, Keyboards, Electric Guitar, Acoustic & Resonator Guitars, Bass, Drum Programing

Weary Traveler


You know I saw something grand

Buried deep under the sand

That blowing sand blowing away in the sun

Rust shower foot by foot

I guess that red river ran for miles

Along the rocky banks I see the empty vials

I thought I heard you remark

We were alone in the dark

That claustrophobic dark

How did the lights go out?

Gone are the ones who pulled the strings

Or maybe they never did anything

They all went home

This must be some kind of test

To separate from the rest

That mounting fear boiling away in the sun

Be my guest awhile

I'll let you tell me anything you want

Rest awhile

I'll let you tell me anything you want

I know you've traveled

I know you ridden

I know you've suffered

I know you've risen

I see in the dawn your light feet settle down to cross the path you see

Turbulent the water when you paddled across the sea

Ride across the lonely world - your restless vision keeps you moving

Is it not fortunate?

What have you seen?

Who did you talk to?

What did you feel?

Tell me about the breath you brothe at the summit of the mountain

All the miles you drove to meet me here today

How much have you sold to live in the books I've read on the page you've written?

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