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What is Turns Out?

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“I assume many songwriters do this, but I try to take myself and the listener on a trip.

Usually not with jams, rather with song structure or lyrics. Or both."

Mike has numerous music inspriations, ranging from Bob Dylan to King Crimson, Grateful Dead to Prince, Soundgarden to Miles Davis, The Beatles to Gentle Giant, and Brian Wilson to Black Francis to Mark Knopfler...


He has performed and recorded with several life-long musical friends in various combinations of groups, the most recent of which was  usually a high-energy power trio, but occasionally appeared as a 4-piece, called The Substitutions. 

After The Substitutions disbanded in 2012, Mike needed a flexible framework to encompass his music that would allow for both solo and collaborative efforts. Turns Out is that framework.

Currently, Mike is continuing to record new songs as well as a tremendous backlog of earlier material that was written but never performed or recorded. For example, in the early to mid 2000s, over 100 songs written at sea while serving with the Navy.

He Seemed Fine... Until He Started Talkin'

These earlier songs, which include Another Lance, Show Me The Way, and Weary Traveler, are strongly influenced by travel, open ocean, eclectic reading, and the time-bending nature of extended seagoing. Only now are these songs seeing the light of day as they were intended, alongside new work such as He Seemed Fine and Enable the Change.

A full album is targeted for a mid-2021 release.

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